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ReOrbit develops technologies to make spacecraft platforms modular and configurable. Through a software-defined architecture, ReOrbit unlocks new functionalities such as built-in autonomous orbital capabilities.

Streamlining data flow is the main focus. Why does the company put such a spotlight on moving data fast? Simple as that, to deliver timely and flexible missions at any orbit, you always need your data at hand, for 360-degree situational awareness and value-driven decision-making.

With your data being transmitted fast and with it, your mission being executed, while keeping cost and time-to-orbit low, you can even grow the value of your satellite after launch, as ReOrbit can reconfigure the software in-orbit. Given this approach and mindset when designing satellites and operating them in space, one can make sure that a spacecraft they’re sending into orbit is autonomous, networking-capable and modular; thus, preventing failures and fixing issues are easier and more accessible.

This transforms technology and enables space applications of our current and future society where efficiency, sustainability and security are unlocked to their full potential.

Streamline your data flow in space with ReOrbit: