In a number of global firsts,
Discovery Communications, Inc. (DCI) announced today its next “Watch with the
World” initiative, INSIDE THE SPACE STATION, which will chronicle the
development, construction and deployment of the International Space Station
INSIDE THE SPACE STATION will be the first Discovery Channel
initiative to include a complementary broadband interactive experience on
Slated to air in 146 countries in 26 languages on Sunday,
December 10, 2000, INSIDE THE SPACE STATION is also the first “Watch with the
World” program shot in high definition.

INSIDE THE SPACE STATION’s pioneering features will allow viewers to
“experience” space travel and participate directly in this historic effort.
By using computer generated graphics and feature film techniques to “create”
the completed station, INSIDE THE SPACE STATION will demonstrate how
astronauts train, live, work and survive on FREEDOM and will explain the
science and technology behind the structure and the drama and difficulties of
its creation and operation.
In addition, by customizing the content for
individual countries, Discovery will allow our global viewership to share in
the challenges of exploring space while learning more about the distinctive
role their own nation is playing.

The modern equivalent of erecting the great pyramids of Egypt, the
building of the FREEDOM will take more than five years to complete, traveling
from NASA’s drawing board to a 17,000-mph orbiting home 200 miles above the
The project involves 16 nations and hundreds of thousands of people
and is expected to be the third brightest object in the night sky, after the
moon and Venus.

“Discovery Communications is committed to being the leading global real
world entertainment company,” said Judith McHale, president and chief
operating officer, Discovery Communications, Inc.
“Exploring the new
frontiers of space is the type of quality programming that allows Discovery to
use its international resources to bring the stunning achievements of the
Information Age to the entire world in the same day in primetime, creating a
global media event,” said McHale.

Discovery Channel Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mike
Quattrone added:
“This program traces the most daunting technological
achievement ever attempted by the human race and Discovery Channel is honored
to premiere this incredible feat and to make it truly accessible through our
planned interactive elements.”

DCI’s “Watch with the World” initiatives began in 1999 as a groundbreaking
global documentary program that airs in a “same day, same primetime” format,
with a host of complementary content available across DCI’s international
business platforms, including on-line and retail offerings.
MAMMOTH, the most recent “Watch with the World” initiative, shattered ratings
records for Discovery Channel with a 7.8 household rating — becoming the most
watched documentary ever on cable television and ranking as the most watched
program in Discovery Channel’s history in Canada, the United Kingdom and
Discovery Channel’s first “Watch with the World” program was

Discovery Communications, Inc. (DCI) is a privately held, global
diversified media company headquartered in Bethesda, MD.
Powered by the
world’s largest original, non-fiction production engine, DCI operates three
distinct business units including:

— Discovery Networks, U.S., consisting of Discovery Channel (77.7 million
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Science Channel, Discovery Home & Leisure Channel, Discovery
Civilization Channel, Discovery Wings Channel, and Discovery en
Espanol. The unit also markets and distributes BBC America.

— Discovery Networks, International (DNI), a division of DCI, includes
Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, Discovery Health, Discovery Home &
Leisure, Animal Planet, People+Arts, Discovery Sci-Trek, Discovery
Travel & Adventure, Discovery Civilisation and Discovery Wings.
Available over 33 separate feeds in 24 languages via 15 satellites,
DNI’s services are tailored to the specific needs of viewers around the

— Discovery Enterprises Worldwide, consisting of Discovery Channel
Interactive Media, Discovery Channel Video, Discovery Channel
Publishing, Discovery Channel Education and Discovery Channel Retail.