DigitalGlobe rolling out SecureWatch Sites subscription service


SAN ANTONIO, Texas — DigitalGlobe announced plans June 5 to offer customers a web-based subscription service called SecureWatch Sites that allows users to identify specific geographic locations of interest and obtain frequently updated satellite images of the locations.
“Our mission partners need ready access to the highest quality satellite imagery available in order to monitor activity and changes at key locations, to drive key mission decisions with confidence,” Dan Jablonsky, DigitalGlobe senior vice president and general manager of defense and intelligence, said in a statement. “For these front-line applications, the currency of imagery and ease of access is paramount. SecureWatch Sites assures our customers will receive current, valuable and high-quality images of their areas of interest on the frequency that they need.”
SecureWatch Site customers will have access to DigitalGlobe’s own imagery in addition to imagery provided by South Korea’s SI Imaging Services’ Kompsat-3 and Kompsat-3a Earth imaging satellites.
DigitalGlobe also plans to expand SecureWatch by providing customers with news articles associated with each geographic area of interest in a feature called GeoNews and a geographic information layer called Human Landscape. Initially, Human Landscape will include five layers: political boundaries, military installations, airports, seaports and other features of interest to defense and intelligence organizations. DigitalGlobe plans to begin offering GeoNews to SecureWatch subscribers this summer. Late in 2017, DigitalGlobe plans to begin offering SecureWatch monitoring packages and additional Human Landscape layers for countries.
“Combining DigitalGlobe imagery with data sourced and enriched from multiple content partners gives our customers a multi-dimensional view of what’s happening in their areas of interest,” Jablonsky said. “GeoNews and Human Landscape will bring the imagery to life with additional geospatial intelligence and human expertise.”