Dr. Jaiwon Shin has been named Deputy Director for Aeronautics at NASA’s
Glenn Research Center, Cleveland. This position also includes appointment to
the U.S. government’s Senior Executive Service, the highest management
classification in the federal government.

In his new role, Shin will play a pivotal role in assisting the Director of
Aeronautics at Glenn in effective planning, advocacy and implementation of
the Center’s Aeronautics Program, which is crucial to maintaining the global
preeminence of the U.S. aeronautics industry. Glenn’s Aeronautics Program is
central to its role in Aeropropulsion and is a critical, high-priority
element of NASA’s Aerospace Technology Enterprise. The Aeronautics
Directorate plans and manages research activities in cleaner burning
engines, quieter engines, improved airport communications, as well as
develops low-cost access-to-space propulsion systems and future propulsion

"Dr. Shin brings the needed experience, expertise and people skills to this
position and has been an exemplary member of the Aeronautics organization at
Glenn," said Center Director Donald J. Campbell. "He will share in leading
the Center in future partnerships with industry and other organizations that
can leverage the cutting-edge aeronautics research that we perform."

Prior to this appointment, Shin was chief of Glenn’s Aviation Safety Program
Office since 1998. During this same time period, he served as Deputy Program
Manager for NASA’s Aviation Safety Program. Between 1997 and 1998, he
managed the Aircraft Icing project and was Acting Manager for Weather
Accident Prevention project of the Aviation Safety Program. From 1995 to
1997, Shin was Deputy Project Manager for Technology Integration in the High
Speed Systems Office, assisting in managing all aspects of the propulsion
element of the High Speed Research Program.

Shin earned a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Yonsei
University, Korea, a masters degree in mechanical engineering from
California State University, Long Beach, Calif. and a doctorate in
mechanical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University. He has written twenty technical papers, including three journal
papers in the fields of aircraft icing and aviation safety.

Shin resides in Avon Lake, Ohio.

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