Attention: Early Morning Producer
Thursday March 2
6-10 a.m. EST
10 Minute Windows–With B-Roll

Deep Space Detectives Use X-rays to Unlock Mysteries; Orbiting
Chandra Observatory is Exceeding Expectations

  • Scientists are exhilarated about images from Chandra X-ray
    Observatory, the world’s most powerful X-ray telescope.

  • Chandra may have revealed the most distant objects ever seen in
    the universe.

  • In its first six months of operation Chandra has already amazed
    the world.

  • The space “detectives” found new, puzzling cosmic objects and
    learned more about black holes, exploding stars,
    multi-million-degree gas and powerful galactic winds.

  • The discoveries are exceeding expectations, opening new
    horizons in astrophysics.

  • One scientist has been working on the Chandra project for the last
    23 years.

  • He can tell your viewers how the X-ray telescope is unlocking the
    mysteries of the universe.

                                   Dr. Martin Weisskopf
                                   Chief Scientist, Chandra
                                   Marshall Space Flight Center
     Satellite Windows:
                                   10 minutes
     Satellite Coordinates:
                                   GE-2, Transponder 9C,
                                   85 degrees west longitude,
                                   Frequency: 3880 MHz, audio: 6.8
     Satellite Interview Information:
     Lindsey Rawl, Producer
     (256) 544-2228
     Beeper (256) 544-1183 PIN 0025
                                   Story Information:
                                   Steve Roy, Media Relations
                                   (256) 544-0034