PASADENA, Calif.- Celebrating the special connection between science
and the City of Pasadena, David Baltimore, Nobel laureate and
president of the California Institute of Technology, will be honored
at the Pasadena Museum of History’s Celestial Ball on Saturday,
September 28. Other honorees are William Pickering, Caltech alumnus
(BS ’32, MS ’33, and PhD ’36) and former director of the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, and George Ellery Hale, founder of the modern
Caltech in addition to the Mt. Wilson and Palomar Observatories, who
is being honored posthumously. Each of these men is being honored
for his scientific contribution and impact, locally as well as

The Pasadena Museum of History’s Celestial Ball celebrates the
official opening of the museum’s new exhibition, “Pasadena Looks at
the Universe.” Through this interpretive exhibition, the museum will
explore the connection between the science of astronomy and the City
of Pasadena. The exhibition will be on view from September 14
through November 24.

The Pasadena Museum of History is the only museum and research
library devoted solely to the preservation and education of
Pasadena’s rich history and culture.

The public is invited to attend the Celestial Ball reception and
silent auction at the museum at 6 p.m., followed by dinner and
dancing at 8 p.m. For tickets and other information, call (818)