On the final day of the Global Space and Technology Convention of Singapore, the space transportation and logistics company DOrbit has announced the signing of a launch contract with Patriot Infovention, a Thai software company specializing in government assistance services, support and assistance, data management and cyber security. This satellite represents the first foray of Patriot Infovention in the space industry.

The contract covers the launch and deployment of LOGSATS (LOra Gateway Service and Aircraft Tracking Satellite), a 3U CubeSat manufactured by Patriot Infovention. The satellite will demonstrate both the first Thai space-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) communications systems and aviation monitoring system of Thailand.

While the IoT communications system aims at implementing the smart city model in the country, using information and communication technology to enhance and optimize the use the city resources, the aviation monitoring system will support the control of both manned and unmanned air traffic in Thailand.

“We’re thrilled to have Patriot Infovention onboard one of our upcoming missions,” said Matteo Andreas Lorenzoni, D-Orbit’s Head of Sales. “It is always interesting to explore collaborations with companies that are not from the space industry, understand how our technology can support them and fit within their roadmap; we are truly looking forward to working with Infovention on their first space mission”.

This mission is going to be a fundamental stepping stone for Patriot Infovention as, by 2027, they aim to launch a satellite constellation able to provide near real-time communications in the whole country.

“At Patriot Infovention, our R&D team for satellite technology is dedicated to advancing the industry with cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on innovation, we knew we needed a partner we could trust to provide accurate and reliable services. D-Orbit impressed us with their expertise, professionalism, and their commitment to collaboration. We definitely look forward to working with D-Orbit for many years to come”. Said Parinya Anantachaisilp, Chief Technology Officer of Patriot Infovention.

“The signing of the agreement between an Italian and a Thai company here in Singapore is a tangible example of how our companies can take advantage of developing their business from the City-State towards the dynamic markets of South East Asia,” commented Mario Andrea Vattani, Ambassador of Italy to Singapore and Brunei. “With a strong presence in the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries, as well as its role as a regional hub, Singapore offers great opportunities to our companies. I was glad to welcome the Singapore’s Minister for Transport and Minister in charge of Trade Relations S. Iswaran, to the Italian Pavilion at GSTC 2023. He showed great curiosity about cutting-edge technology in our products, such as D-Orbit’s orbital transfer vehicle”.

ION Satellite Carrier is a multi-purpose vehicle capable of carrying out within a single mission satellite transportation, payload hosting, and advanced in-orbit edge computing services. Patriot Infovention’s satellite will be integrated on one of the upcoming IONs scheduled for flight in October 2023