An elaborate countdown for the arrival of Rocket, Fisher-Price’s new
robotic puppy, will be held at Mars 2112. The dog “from-out of this
world” will arrive, for the first time on Earth, in a rocketship and
be welcomed by fellow astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin. Rocket is the only
techno-pet who actually listens and responds only to his owner’s voice
with life-like actions, emotions and sounds. As he “materializes” from
within the 3D rocketship, Dr. Aldrin will introduce Rocket to some of
earth’s most famous canines, including Maui who played the part of
“Murray” from Mad About You, Plenty who played the part of “Toto” in
Madison Square Garden’s Production of THE WIZARD OF OZ and Cosmo who
played the part of “Sandy” in the 20th Anniversary Broadway Production
of ANNIE. Rocket will then travel to his second Earth destination, FAO
Schwarz, one of Earth’s most famous toy stores!

Tuesday, September 26:
Mars 2112(a)                        FAO Schwarz
1633 Broadway @ 51st Street         767 Fifth Avenue
New York                            New York
Press Set up: 10:45                 12:00pm - 1:00pm
11:00am - 11:45am


Fisher-Price is an expert at taking fun, grown-up technology, and
applying it to preschool toys. Who better, than Fisher-Price, to take
the latest in robotic advancements to create the most life-like puppy
that kids have ever seen. Advanced robotic technology creates
life-like behavior – from the way this puppy walks, pants and
sometimes scratches for fleas, right down to his expressive, big blue
eyes that actually move. He’ll come when he’s called, “speak,” beg,
even stand on his head – anything for a treat.


Rocket “Landing” via custom space rocket ship.

Dr. Buzz Aldrin: legendary astronaut and one of the first men to

walk on the moon.

Celebrity Canines Including:

  • Maui from Mad About You
  • Plenty from THE WIZARD OF OZ
  • Cosmo from ANNIE

    Children playing with Rocket for the first time

    FAO Schwarz store footage and product visuals

(a) Press Note: Limited space on TV riser. Please arrive early to

ensure your position on platform. Event begins promptly at 11:00




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Amy Friedland/Sue Jelinek/Daniel Pepitone/Kelley Haughey