The Planetary Society will hold a press conference on Wednesday, August 22 to announce the next step in the Cosmos 1 solar sail project and to describe what occurred
during the sub-orbital test flight on July 20 (July 19, California time) when the spacecraft failed to separate from the Volna rocket. Dr. Louis Friedman, Director for the
Planetary Society/Cosmos Studio project, will be joined by Victor Kudryashov, Babakin Space Center Project Manager, and Dr. Viacheslav Linkin, Payload Chief from
the Russian Space Research Institute.

Date: Wednesday, August 22

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Project Operations — Pasadena room, The Planetary Society, 65 N Catalina Avenue, Pasadena, CA


Louis Friedman, Cosmos 1 Project Director and Executive Director of the Planetary Society

Viachaslav Linkin, Cosmos 1 Payload Chief, Russian Space Research Institute (IKI)

Victor Kudryashov, Cosmos 1 Project Manager, Babakin Space Center

Launch Footage: Footage of the July launch of the Cosmos 1 sub-orbital test flight from a Russian submarine will be available.

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