Hard working volunteers skilled in the use of hand and power tools
are needed to assist in the construction of the Mars Desert Research
Station (MDRS). The MDRS, which was visited by approximately 100,000
people while on display at Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex
this past summer, is now in Denver for structural upgrades. It will
be shipped to southern Utah in mid November, and built in the desert
there during the period running from November 15 to December 7.
Station operations, which will support research in Mars field
exploration techniques, will begin shortly afterwards. A call for
volunteers for crew slots in the operational station will be sent out
next week.

But the task now before us is to get the station built. If you have
the skill, and have the will, please step forward and pitch in. Those
wishing to volunteer should contact Frank Schubert, therub9@aol.com.

Selected volunteers will have their transportation and housing
expenses paid for during the construction period. Salaries will not
be paid.

Lend a hand for Mars!

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