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Media contact: James George

SAN JOSE, CA (June 1, 2000) A major US computer maker has decided to
one of its Internet web servers in outer space. The formal announcement
be made on June 10th, at the Space Enterprise Symposium, DoubleTree
Hotel in
San Jose, CA.

Sponsored by RNR Ventures and the Space Frontier Foundation, the
will give investors, representing over $500,000,000 in available
capital, the opportunity to evaluate over 20 new space businesses.

“We’re excited that this well-known computer maker chose to work with
one of
these companies, and wishes to announce this bold business step at our
Symposium,” said chairperson Brook Mantia. “With the uncertainty in the

technology sectors of the stock market, these firms represent the next
logical step in maintaining a growing economy” she continued; “moving
e-commerce to s-commerce, an industry that offers virtually unlimited

Co-sponsoring the event are the California Space & Technology Alliance
and Constellation Services International (CSI). RNR Ventures and the
Foundation for the International Non-governmental Development of Space
(FINDS) are underwriters.

The symposium is open to the general public. For more information, call
at 1(800) 78-SPACE, or visit our website at http://www.space-frontier.org,
and register online. Registration fee of $85 includes all symposium
sessions, luncheon and champagne reception.