Source: Commerce Business Daily

Publication date: 2001-01-11
Arrival time: 2001-01-10
NOTICE TYPE: Special Notices


OFFICE ADDRESS: JPL, Attn: Thomas May, Mail Stop 190-205, 4800 Oak
Grove Dr., Pasadena, CA 91109-8099

ZIP CODE: 91109-8099

NOTICE TEXT: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of
Technology (Caltech/JPL), operating under a prime contract with the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), announces its
intent to conduct development of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
(Mars ’05) spacecraft for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program for launch
in 2005. It will conduct remote sensing of the planet for
approximately one (1) Martian year and provide telecommunications
support to future missions. The intent is to select an industrial
partner for both the development of the (a) spacecraft bus; (b) the
integration of the payload; and (c) launch site operations. A Request
for Proposal (RFP) release and an associated Pre-proposal Industry
Briefing are envisioned for February 2001 and selection in Summer
2001. Please provide your interest in attending the Briefing and/or
direct your questions to Marty Scarbrough at (818) 354-1869 or via e-
mail to no later than January 19,
2001. This is not a Request for Proposal. (RFP).


— Briefing for Mars Orbiter