The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration (Coalition) and its member companies were deeply saddened to learn last week of the passing of Dr. Paul Spudis – scientist, visionary, and tireless advocate for lunar science, exploration and development.  Spudis, who passed away on Thursday, August 30, was involved with the Coalition for many years, beginning with his role as a member of the Board of Advisors for the Coalition’s precursor organization during the Constellation Program. After some time away, he agreed to rejoin the Coalition in 2016 once it restructured as the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration. Through his role on the Board of Advisors, he helped cement the organization’s dedication to space science, deep space human exploration and the development of lunar resources.
“Paul was a giant; an esteemed planetary scientist, a gifted writer, and a blunt and tireless advocate for a return to the Moon,” said Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar, President and CEO of the Coalition. “As the U.S. prepares to fulfill Paul’s vision for a lunar return and a sustained presence there, and in deep space beyond, we will continue to be guided by his insight and passion.”
Spudis’ impact on the space community reaches far and wide through his service at the NASA Office of Space Science, Solar System Exploration Division planetary geology program, numerous White House and science advisory committees, and finally his role as a staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston.
About the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration is a national organization of more than 70 space industry businesses and advocacy groups focused on ensuring the United States remains a leader in space, science and technology. Based in Washington D.C., the Coalition engages in outreach and education reinforcing the value and benefits of human space exploration and space science with the public and our nation’s leaders, building lasting support for a long-term, sustainable, strategic direction for our nation’s space program.