Following a meeting of the Board of Directors and discussions with the
central works committee, CNES President Yannick d’Escatha outlined CNES’s
new directorate structure and proceeded to appoint directors with effect
from 1st September 2003:

  • External Communication, Education and Public Relations: Arnaud BENEDETTI*,
  • Finance: Philippe BRAIDY*,
  • Purchases, Sales and Legal Affairs: Alain CUQUEL,
  • Planning, Strategy, Programmes, Knowledge Exploitation and International
  • Relations: StÈphane JANICHEWSKI*,
  • Information System: Amin MAMODE,
  • Guiana Space Centre: Jean Louis MARCÈ*,
  • Toulouse Space Centre: Pierre MOSKWA*,
  • Launch Vehicles and Evry Space Centre: Marc PIRCHER*,
  • Inspector General and Quality: Yves TREMPAT*
  • Human Resources, Labour Relations and In-house Communication: Pierre ULRICH*.

Three CNES entities and their directors have remained unchanged:

  • Accounting: Pierre MILLAN,
  • Security and Defence: Albert Le GOUE,
  • Guiana Mission: Michel MIGNOT.

The new directors have been asked to map out the way their particular
directorate will be structured and run. During the transition phase, from
1st September to 31st December 2003, the current structure will continue to
exist. Each of the current entities will be temporarily allocated to one of
the newly appointed directors. After further discussions with the central
and local works committees, the President will instigate implementation of
CNES’s new structure from 1st January 2004.

Shortly after his appointment as CNES President, Yannick d’Escatha announced
that he would focus first on CNES programmes (CNES Board meeting of 30th
April) then on the future of launch vehicles (ESA Ministerial council
meeting of 27th May) before tailoring CNES structures appropriately by the

* Member of the Executive Committee