The first team to join the Rocket Racing League(TM), Leading Edge Rocket Racing(TM), LLC, announced today that it is officially leaving the league effective immediately.

President and CEO of Leading Edge, Robert Rickard, along with COO Don Grantham, formally notified the league in a letter delivered to the RRL Board of Directors this morning.

“After working with Rocket Racing League for the past 17 months, we have concluded that our vision, business practices, and communication standards are incompatible with those of the league,” said Rickard. “We had very high hopes for this enterprise and tried very hard to find a common way forward.”

There was no communication between the league and Leading Edge during the decision making process and no specific event contributed to its timing.

“There hasn’t been a working relationship between our company and the RRL for some time now. This announcement makes it official so we can move on,” said Grantham. “It’s time to focus our resources on something more compatible with Leading Edge’s goal of being the premier operators of high performance rocket powered aircraft.”


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