NGC 4636: Hot Galactic Arms Point To Vicious Cycle!

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory has revealed the aftermath of a titanic
explosion that wracked the elliptical galaxy known as NGC 4636. This
eruption could be the latest episode in a cycle of violence that is
triggered by gas falling into a central massive black hole.

A River Of Data Flows Through The CIAO Waterworks:
Chandra Data Analysis

Getting the river of data from the Chandra Observatory to scientists is
a complex process. But guiding and converting this data river of 1s and
0s is only the first step in the process of doing science with Chandra.
What is the next step? The answer: The data torrent that flows from
Chandra must be put through the mechanisms of a software waterworks.

Operations CXO Status Report (Friday 12/14/01)

During the last week, Chandra completed the observing schedule as
planned. A routine real-time procedure was completed on Dec 11 to update
the on-board the Ephemeris. Work is nearing completion on the 2-week
mission schedule to cover the holiday period from Dec 24 to Jan 6, 2002.