SAN FRANCISCO—German startup Blackwave raised $6.6 million in a seed extension round to expand production of carbon fiber structures. 

The Munich-based startup announced the investment round March 19 as well as plans to offer carbon fiber high-pressure tanks for launch vehicles, satellites and other space-related applications.

“We are more than happy to finally unveil what has been in the making for the last 18 months and what nobody has addressed so far: commercial-off-the-shelf pressure vessels for launchers and satellites that are lightweight, affordable and available within days,” Blackwaves CEO Bastian Behrens said in a statement.

Alpine Space Ventures led the investment round. 

Bulent Altan, Alpine Space Ventures founding partner, said in a statement that tanks are “often overlooked” even though they are critical to the performance of space vehicles.

Blackwaves also announced Jakob Berghofer, who previously worked for optical component manufacturer Zeiss and robotics company Kuka, was its new chief operating officer. 

Since 2016, Blackwave has developed and produced carbon fiber structures for various industries.

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