Want to learn more about your favorite star or galaxy? NASA Hubble Space Telescope pictures and other information about thousands of stars and galaxies beyond our solar system are just a mouse click away by visiting the “Spectral/Image Scrapbook.” The “scrapbook” was developed by the Multi-Mission Archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute (MAST) team in Baltimore, MD.

This new astronomy Web resource provides easy access to the rich repository of black-and-white images and spectra of stars and galaxies stored in the MAST digital archives. While a picture shows astronomers what a celestial object looks like, a spectrum provides information about its physical nature and its motion toward or away from Earth. Astronomers analyze spectra and images of a celestial body to get a complete picture.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Graphics for this release are available on the Web at:
http://oposite.stsci.edu/pubinfo/pr/2001/17 and via links in
http://oposite.stsci.edu/pubinfo/pictures.html and

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