NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin today named Jerry
Brown, a senior corporate communications executive, as the
Associate Administrator for Public Affairs, effective

Before joining NASA, Brown was vice president for Walls
Communications, Inc., based in Washington, DC, where he
served as senior counsel to the firm’s Fortune 100 clients.
Brown has more than twenty years experience in international,
corporate and federal government communications.

“Jerry Brown has a distinguished track record of innovation
and team building,” said Administrator Goldin. “His diverse
background and legacy of achievement will be important
assets to this agency.”

In 1992, Brown was appointed deputy director of the Office of
External Affairs for the U.S. Agency for International
Development for the Administration of President George Bush.
In that capacity he managed press relations. Brown also
served as the director of public affairs at the Federal
Transit Administration for the U.S. Department of

As a public relations director, Brown developed media
relations programs for Winrock International, Winthrop
Rockefeller’s global philanthropic organization, and he is
one of only three westerners to serve as an international
representative in Saudi Arabia for the largest public
relations firm in the Pan-Arab world, Tihama.

Brown also has extensive experience in the oil and gas
industries where he worked as an editor for Exxon Company
USA, based in Houston, TX.

A native of Kansas City, MO, Brown has a Bachelor of Arts
Degree from the University of Houston. He currently lives in
Arlington, VA.