British space robotics company Spacebit, which is to carry out the first ever UK Moon mission next, 2022, year, is taking part in Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. 

“Spacebit is honoured to become part of such a prominent forum of innovators from all around the world. Being presented at Expo is a great chance for any business to reinforce its international partnerships and showcase its success stories. We are happy to be demonstrating what the UK private sector has to offer”, – noted Founder and CEO of Spacebit Pavlo Tanasyuk.

At the exhibition, the company is presenting the prototype of the first legged lunar rover named “Asagumo”, which Spacebit will send to the surface of the Moon as part of the mission in partnership with SpaceX and Astrobotic Technology within the NASA CLPS program. 

«Asagumo is the world’s first legged lunar rover. It will constitute the first-ever British Moon mission. Its design will allow it to get to the hitherto unexplored lava tubes found on the surface of the Earth’s satellite. We chose them as the initial object of our study because we believe that these formations, similar to caves, may be the solution for long-term stay of astronauts on the Moon», – Spacebit founder Pavlo Tanasyuk said.

Mr. Tanasyuk added: “It is fascinating that the slogan of Expo-2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, because this is what Spacebit is here for – to find like-minded people who in the future could join our technology development efforts, invest in us, or in other ways partner with us”.

About Spacebit:

Spacebit is a privately held British company that develops space robotics technology for lunar and planetary missions. The company was founded in 2014 by Ukrainian Pavlo Tanasyuk. It is funded privately via Pavlo Tanasyuk himself, along with a couple of other private investors. 

About Expo-2020:

Expo is one of the largest international exhibitions; a platform where governments and businesses showcase their innovative technical and technological developments to the world community. The theme of Expo-2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The exhibition will be taking place October 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022.


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