The S@tcom Evaluation Panel (SEP) has identified approximately £100 K of residual funding that remains after providing for the selected projects. It has recommended that this residual funding be targeted at high priority co-funded study extensions arising from the 3rd round of the S@tcom programme. It has also stipulated that any proposed studies should be completed by March 2004.

This is a Call for proposals for such high priority co-funded studies. If you wish to submit a study proposal please complete the attached study application form and return an electronic copy (followed by a hard signed copy) to Hemat Gohil (contact details below) by 30th June 2003. If your study proposal is selected by the SEP you will be asked to develop a full proposal.

If you have any questions please contact :

Hemat Gohil
Programme co-ordinator
Tel : 020 7215 0709
Email :