The British National Space Centre is pleased to invite outline proposals for Earth Observation Customer Parnership Projects. The deadline for proposals is noon on 4th October 2002. The evaluation board will meet during the week of the 18th October 2002.

Summary information, an   applicants’ pack and dates of the next evaluation board meeting are below. Further guidance as to the rationale of CPPs can be found here.  The deadline for proposals is noon on 4th October 2002. The evaluation board will meet during the week of the 7th October 2002. 

OBJECTIVE: The main objective of the projects is to increase growth of the satellite value added market by establishing the operational use of EO and other satellite derived information by institutional and commercial concerns. A complementary objective is to create “intelligent customers” for satellite based information.

PARTICIPATION: In principle, any type of organisation is eligible to lead a bid for a project. However, only bids that have full participation and commitment from the end users of the satellite-derived information will be considered.

FUNDING: Successful project proposals will be funded under the BNSC National Earth Observation Programme. 50% funding from the end user must be established at the commencement of the project for the remaining 50% to be provided by BNSC.

APPLICATIONS: Project contracts will be awarded after a two-stage process. The first stage involves filling in a simple “concept” form that is designed to be filled in quickly. To apply, you must respond to this call using the attached “Concept Form”, as well as a letter from the end user covering aspects detailed in the applicants pack. Notes on “Information and Guidance on Proposals” are also attached. Additional forms are available from the BNSC Co-ordinator or can be downloaded here.

TIMING: It is recognised that in order to establish a proposal for a project considerable liaison with the end user is needed. Because of this, a “rolling” system of applications will be used rather than strict deadlines associated with calls for proposals.

Concept proposals can be received at any time and will be evaluated by an evaluation board, which will meet every three months at BNSC, or as deemed necessary by the programme co-ordinator. Concept proposals will be judged against evaluation criteria outlined in the Notes. Applicants will be told whether their concept proposal has been accepted within two weeks of the evaluation. The lead partners of successful concept proposals will be invited to come forward with a full proposal two weeks before the next meeting of the evaluation board.

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