Blockchain is most often associated with Bitcoin, but the technology has important applications for many industries including the space sector.

SpaceNews correspondent Debra Werner talked with three experts about blockchain’s promise for cybersecurity, supply chain management and venture finance, and the challenges posed by space blockchains.

Topics included:
  • Demystifying the link between space and blockchain
  • Blockchain’s potential to enhance cybersecurity, ease supply chain management, speed space data distribution and alter venture financing
  • Roles for satellites in cryptocurrency networks

Host and Moderator:
Debra Werner, SpaceNews correspondent

Karen Jones, senior project leader and technology strategist at the Aerospace Corp. Center for Space Policy
Hasshi Sudler, Internet Think Tank chairman and CEO
Matthew Erickson, SpiderOak vice president solutions


Blockchain in the Space Sector by Karen Jones, The Aerospace Corporation

Don’t let hackers follow us to space by Matthew Erickson, SpiderOak Mission Systems

Sure, there’s hype. But blockchain has concrete space applications by Debra Werner, SpaceNews

Stress-testing a space-based blockchain by Debra Werner, SpaceNews

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