If you have ever wanted
to know what weightlessness feels like, wanted to fly, or are intrigued by
robots and space exploration, then the Space Foundation Space Discovery
courses are for you!
Educators have the opportunity to experience the joy of
space, gather in-depth information to utilize in their classrooms, and earn
optional graduate credit through three different courses offered by the Space
Foundation this summer in Colorado Springs.

Educators can choose from three weeklong tracks including: “A View from
the Top — Space Basics and Earth Studies,” “To the Moon and Beyond — Living
in Space and Basic Rocketry,” and “Beam me Aboard — Advanced Space
Each includes complete course materials, lesson plans and
classroom activities, daily transportation, a special graduation event
featuring a noted aerospace speaker, and a commemorative gift for each

To get a feel for the essentials of earth and space science for the
classroom, take part in “A View from the Top — Space Basics and Earth
Studies” from June 18-23, 2000, at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center.
course is designed to provide an in-depth study of aeronautics, astronomy, and
shuttle operations.
It includes a full day of study dedicated to a variety of
experiments on Pikes Peak.

What every teacher needs to know about rockets, life and survival in space
is offered in the “To the Moon and Beyond — Living in Space and Basic
Rocketry” class at the U.S. Air Force Academy.
This class studies human space
flight, the effects of micro-gravity on the human body, and the physics of
It includes building and launching your own rocket, experiencing
weightlessness, and hands-on action in airplane flight simulators.
The class
is offered July 9-14, 16-21, 23-28, 2000.

Finally, if you want to astound your students with real space technology,
“Beam Me Aboard — Advanced Space Technology” is the class for you.
advanced space technology class at the Air Force Space Command from
July 30-August 4, 2000, explores enhanced technologies used in space
exploration and their practical applications on earth.
Participants discuss
life and technology on the International Space Station, build their own
programmable robotic arm, and study the utilization of remote sensing

Partial NASA fellowships are available.
To register or get more
information on these courses call the Space Foundation at 1-800-691-4000, or
visit http://www.spacefoundation.org.