A UK Space Solar Power (SSP) report. “Space Based Space Solar Power: De-risking the pathway to Net Zero” is applauded by the US-based space policy think tank Beyond Earth Institute (BE). The report, written by the Frazer-Nash Consultancy for the UK Department of Energy outlined the application of SSP for the European country. SSP is the idea of using solar panels in space to collect power from the Sun to serve the energy needs of the people on Earth or in space. BE supports the idea of communities in space and believes that SSP holds great promise for the United States, as well as the UK.
According to John C Mankins, leading international expert on SSP and BE Advisor, “The UK report is another demonstration that the time has come to seriously consider how space solar power can make a significant contribution in a post-fossil fuel world.”
The Fraser-Nash SSP report comes at a time when there are organizations from around the world that are pursuing this new space-based technology. These initiatives involve entities from Japan, China, Russia, the UK and the European Union among others. A description of the SSP report as part of the UK National Space Strategy can be found at the link:https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bold-new-strategy-to-fuel-uks-world-class-space-sector.
Recently, BE issued its own paper on SSP co-authored by Mankins titled “Catching the Sun: A National Strategy for Space Solar Power.” Accompanying the paper was a recommendation that the U.S. National Space Council adopt a robust policy of developing Space Solar Power demonstration technologies. This recommendation was presented to Vice President Kamala Harris who chairs the inter-agency council. The BE report and recommendation can be found at this link: https://beyondearth.org/a-national-strategy-for-space-solar-power/
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