The Progress freighter carrying’s Final Frontier Beef Jerky was launched by its Soyuz FG booster, blasting off at 6:32:40 p.m. EDT Sunday, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The spacecraft and jerky safely arrived in orbit about eight minutes later.

The spacecraft will fly a two-day approach to the International Space Station. It is scheduled to dock at 8:19 p.m. EDT Tuesday. This is the first supply of Final Frontier Jerky to be sent to the International Space Station since it was occupied on November 2, 2000.

On April 16th 2001, contacted NASA’s Office of Space Commercialization seeking to pay to send one ounce of beef jerky to ISS as mail. NASA’s Head of Commercialization, Dan Tam, refused to accept $1000 as “postage” to send the small package. Just 35 days later, Final Frontier Jerky is in space without any “postage” cost, thanks to luck, ingenuity, and perseverance.

When the hatches open between the Progress M1-255 freighter and the International Space Station (ISS)’s Final Frontier Jerky will be delivered to a waiting astronaut. The astronaut specifically requested’s Final Frontier Jerky to be sent to ISS at the earliest opportunity, after a recommendation by a nephew via email.

A sparse 2-3 oz was all that could be shipped aboard the Progress M1-255 resupply spacecraft, launched May 20th. Mass margins are extremely close for Progress launches, every item stowed aboard is tallied to the last gram. The mass allowance came in the form of the astronaut ‘care package’, a small package that astronaut families can send to their loved one in space.

This event marks the first time Final Frontier Jerky was flown to the International Space Station and the first time the product was specifically requested from orbit. As fulfills this first delivery request from Space, we look forward to the day when average people can float by a porthole and watch the Earth turn below, while chewing on Final Frontier Jerky. inaugurated their space program in September 1997, with their first Final Frontier Jerky launch into space. STS-79 Space Shuttle Atlantis blasted of with 40 ounces of Final Frontier Jerky, destination, Space Station Mir. is very pleased to make this announcement of the continuation of our space program with our second Final Frontier Jerky launch into space.

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Gregory Nemitz