Recognition of more than 170 of its valuable workforce members was the order of the day at an awards ceremony held at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, on August 2. Center Director Donald J. Campbell presented the agency’s highest medals and awards to employees for their outstanding contributions to achieving the goals of NASA and Glenn through excellence in science, engineering and administrative service. General Lester L. Lyles, Commander, Air Force Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, was the guest speaker.

Outstanding Leadership Medal
Olga Gonzalez-Sanabria, Strongsville, for outstanding leadership and vision in advancing Glenn’s organizational objectives and the implementation of program and project management processes.
Dr. Hugh R. Gray, North Olmsted, for outstanding leadership in developing high temperature materials for propulsion applications.

Exceptional Achievement Medal
Russell W. Claus, Strongsville, for exceptional technical leadership in developing an international computer-aided design (CAD) services standard that will simplify access to data from multiple CAD vendors.
Dr. Walter M. Duval, Lakewood, for exceptional scientific contribution to the computational modeling of mixing of liquids and crystal growth in the presence and absence of gravity.
Nancy Rabel Hall, North Ridgeville, for exceptional and exemplary contributions in educational outreach.
David L. Krause, Fairview Park, for outstanding leadership and creativity in the development of innovative methods to evaluate structural fabric materials and derived structures for NASA and Department of Defense applications.
Thomas M. Lavelle, Avon, for successful development and transfer of propulsion systems simulation to industry as engineering lead of the Numerical Propulsion Systems Simulation Production Team.
Diane L. Linne, North Royalton, for numerous technical achievements as well as shaping the technical strategy and approach of many Space Transportation programs.
Charles K. Smalley, Grafton, for outstanding efforts over the last nine years in the training of interns, cooperative students, and apprentices from a variety of trades as well as Welfare-to-Work people as machinists.
Don J. Sosoka, Olmsted Township, for significant contributions to the implementation of the Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA (ODIN), one of the first large federal initiatives to privatize the desktop environment.

Exceptional Service Medal
Dr. Kul B. Bhasin, Rocky River, for outstanding technology and programmatic management for the NASA Glenn Research Center Space Communications Program.
Dr. Isaiah M. Blankson, Solon, for outstanding contributions to developing technologies for high-speed flight.
Dr. Raymond K. Burns, North Olmsted, for outstanding power technology management efforts at Glenn Research Center.
Terry L. Ferrier, Brunswick, for exceptional service in the areas of thermoelectric instrumentation and microelectromechanical systems that contribute significantly to the efficiency and success of NASA Glenn Research Center projects.
Dennis L. Huff, North Olmsted, for leading NASA’s engine noise reduction programs over the past 10 years, which has resulted in technologies that are being used to design next generation turbofans.
Dr. Lennart S. Hultgren, Westlake, for theoretical contributions in the area of transition, receptivity, and unsteady flow physics leading to better models for engineering applications.
Helen J. Kabak, North Royalton, for exceptional secretarial leadership, professionalism, and dedication that are indispensable to the Glenn Research Center and to the operation of its largest and most diverse Directorate: Engineering and Technical Services.
J. Anthony Powell, North Olmsted, for exceptional accomplishment and leadership in performing pioneering research to develop silicon carbide as a high-temperature semiconductor material.

Dr. Steven M. Sidik, Strongsville, for exceptional service in bringing major computational services to the NASA Glenn Resear ch Center.
Dr. Bhim S. Singh, North Royalton, for outstanding technical and managerial leadership which has enabled significant enhancements in the breadth, status, and value of the Microgravity Fluid Physics Program.
Marjorie M. Trujillo, North Olmsted, for outstanding contributions to the success of research at the NASA Glenn Research Center.
Dr. Kim A. Veris, Strongsville for continuous and dedicated service to the Agency and the Glenn Research Center’s technology transfer and resource management objectives.
Robert J. Zakrajsek, Medina, for his unique contributions and exceptional ability to conceptualize, design, and integrate high-level successful demonstrations of communications technology for a variety of launch vehicles and spacecrafts in support of NASA missions.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal
Dr. Rebecca A. MacKay, Strongsville, for outstanding materials engineering achievements for the aerospace propulsion community.
Claudia M. Meyer, Brunswick, for pioneering the development of advanced diagnostics technologies and their application to propulsion health management for space transportation systems.
David W. Plachta, Rocky River, for significant technical contributions to NASA’s goal of safe and affordable access to space.
Dr. Steven J. Schneider, Rocky River, for significant engineering contributions toward the achievement of high-performance chemical propulsion for NASA’s planetary science missions with the development of the high-performance iridium-coated rhenium rocket technology.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Dr. Michael A. Meador, Strongsville, for sustained, outstanding mentoring of students and advocacy of research partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Other Minority Universities.

Public Service Medal
Paul R. McMasters, Wellington, for outstanding and exemplary support of the Space Communications Office business activities and continuous efforts to improve their quality.
Hee-Mann Yun, North Olmsted, for significant contributions toward development of silicon carbide fiber and its application to ceramic matrix composites for aerospace application.

Presidential Rank
Sasi Pillay, Brecksville, and Vernon W. Wessel, Hudson, were conferred the rank of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Senior Scientific and Professional Corps
Howard D. Ross, Moreland Hills, Senior Microgravity Combustion Research Engineer, and
James L. Smialek, Strongsville, Senior Materials Research Engineer, were selected for expertise and international reputation in their respective fields of microgravity science and high-temperature behavior of materials

Distinguished Publication Award
Timothy P. McCartney, Bedford, Gary S. Williamson, Brecksville, and A. Robert Porro Medina
In recognition of the excellence and value of their publication entitled “Experimental Investigation of Supersonic Inlet Unstart and Local Flow Field Distance Due to Engine Compressor Stall.”

Abe Silverstein Medal
Mark P. Wernet, Broadview Heights, for efforts in the development and application of Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) systems for aerospace propulsion systems.

Steven V. Szabo Engineering Excellence Award
Stirling Engine Vibration Test Team: Jeffrey G. Schreiber, Medina,
Thomas W. Goodnight,Columbia Station, William O. Hughes, Hudson, and
Mark E. McNelis, Strongsville, for efforts in advancing the technical readiness level and future use of the Stirling engine converter.

Craftsmanship Award
George J. Saad, Atwater, in recognition of his innovative approach to designing and packaging the silicon carbide high-temperature anemometer.
Daniel S. Gorman, Jr., Brunswick, and Stephen J. Hayes Brecksville, in recognition of the skill, knowledge and attention to detail that was demonstrated in preparing the Twin Otter Icing research aircraft for the Piloted Icing Flight Simulator Flight Test.

Special Achievement Award for Mission Assurance
Frank Robinson, Jr., Strongsville, for outstanding program support for the initial implementation and deployment of the Process Based Mission Assurance Knowledge Management System.
Dr. Lois Scaglione, North Ridgeville, for outstanding leadership in managing a multi-contractor team responsible for the rollout deployment of the Process Based Mission Assurance Knowledge Management System at all NASA centers.

Group Achievement Awards
Six members of the Code Parallelization Team for the APNASA Turbomachinery Code Team,
for reducing turbine engine compressor analysis time by a factor of 2400:1 relative to 1992

Nine members of the Intelligent Life Extending Control Team, for development and demonstration of Intelligent Life Extending Control technology for commercial aircraft engines

Fifty-seven members of the DOE/NASA Stirling Technology Assessment Team, for providing a critical technology evaluation that resulted in the selection of the 55-We Stirling convertor as the near-term advanced power system for NASA’s deep-space missions

Four members of the Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier Team, for exemplary performance in solving the many technical problems in the traveling wave tube amplifier design which led to an innovative and very successful traveling wave tube program at NASA Glenn Research Center

Nine members of the Turbomachinery Disk Alloy Development Team, for developing a new turbomachinery disk alloy that will advance the state-of-the-art for commercial and military airplane turbine engines

Five members of the NASA One (Project Noah) Team, for contributing to the review of the NASA information technology infrastructure at the request of the special assistant to the Administrator for information management, which resulted in a report that laid out a sound technology foundation for a modern, secure, low-cost NASA telecomputing environment that can be implemented in a timely manner.

Forty Year Service Awards
Karen L. Arcuri, Parma, Office of Human Resources, Operations Center A
Clifford H. Arth, North Olmsted, Space Communications Office, Project Development Branch
Paul G. Asmondy, Broadview Heights, Space Mechanical Test Engineering Branch
Bruce M. Auer, Westlake, Computational Sciences Branch
Ernest Bertone, Broadview Heights, Systems Management and Maintenance Branch
Robert J. Bozich, North Royalton, Systems Management and Maintenance Branch
James E. Cairelli. Sandusky, Thermo-Mechanical Systems Branch
James E. Dockrill, Westlake, Engineering Design and Analysis Division
Norman R. Fallert, Strongsville, Aero Support Branch
Dennis J. Fischbach, University Heights, Aero Support Branch
Joseph D. Gaby, Brecksville, Propellant Systems Technology Branch
John R. Gallagher, Strongsville, Engineering Technology Branch
Laurence J. Heidelberg, Lakewood, Acoustics Branch
Ihor Kramarchuk, Brunswick, Digital Communications Technology Branch
Edward T. Kremser, Brooklyn, Central Process Systems Engineering & Maintenance Branch
Wayne W. Larcey, Westlake, Central Process Systems Operations Branch
Gary G. Lesny, Middleburg Heights, Tactical Support Branch
Wayne L. Lippert, Parma, Central Process Systems Operations Branch
Gary V. Lorenz, Parma, Base R & T Support Branch
Frank Savino, Westlake, Facilities Engineering and Architectural Branch
Albert C. Shott, Wellington, Base R & T Support Branch
Ronald J. Sobolewski, Strongsville, Base R & T Support Branch
Herbert Stannert, Litchfield, Prototyping and Outsourcing Branch
Robert M. Suhay, North Olmsted, Facilities Engineering and Architectural Branch
John J. Svoboda, Wadsworth, Materials & Propulsion Support Branch
Roy C. Tew, North Olmsted, Thermo-Mechanical Systems Branch
Karen J. Wester, Cleveland, Photovoltaic and Space Environments Effects Branch

Forty-five Year Service Awards
John T. Halloran, Cleveland Heights, Polymers Branch
Robert C. Hendricks, North Olmsted, Research and Technology Directorate
David M. Herb, Elyria, Construction Management Branch
Bonnie J. McBride, Brook Park, Combustion Branch