Company Receives SBIR Phase II Award to Produce Prototype

ATA Engineering, Inc. (ATA) announced
today that it has received a $900,012 contract to develop a prototype of its
proprietary payload adapter for satellite launch missions using ICBM-derived
launch vehicles. The contract is sponsored by the United States Air Force
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program and managed by the Air Force
Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate at Kirtland AFB, NM. Orbital
Sciences Corporation is co-sponsoring the development program, with an
additional $75,000 contribution, for use of the adapter on their solid rocket
motor launch programs including the recently awarded Orbital/Suborbital
Program-2 (OSP-2).

The specific focus of the contract is to develop, manufacture and test a
lightweight payload adapter able to accommodate a wide range of satellite
geometries and provide vibration isolation to the satellites. Programs such
as OSP-2 aim to provide low cost, reliable space launch capability in support
of U.S. government small satellite launch programs through the use of
decommissioned ICBM launch vehicles. Currently, payload adapters that provide
isolation are custom designed and individually manufactured for specific
launch vehicles and specific missions. This customization can make them very
expensive. ATA has designed an innovative generic payload adapter using
materials, mechanical design, and optimal manufacturing methods to minimize
the cost while meeting specific design requirements, which include isolation
of the payload, light weight (increased payload capacity), and easy
expandability to a variety of different launch systems.

“ATA is very excited about the opportunity to support the goals of
achieving a low cost, reliable space launch vehicle capability,” said Jeff
Young, Vice President and General Manager of ATA. “The knowledge and
experience we have gained through our support of the development and testing
of launch vehicles over the last quarter century makes us uniquely capable of
developing this innovative technology. We are confident that this contract
will enable us to make a significant contribution to the versatility and cost
effectiveness of these new launch platforms.”

Headquartered in San Diego, CA with offices in Reston, VA and Boulder, CO,
ATA Engineering, Inc. is a high value provider of analysis-driven and
test-driven design solutions for structural, mechanical, electro-mechanical
and aerospace products. ATA’s staff of 40 has a combined total of almost
500 years experience providing advanced test and analysis solutions to
manufacturers of highly engineered products. In particular, ATA is widely
recognized as a leading provider of structural dynamics and modal test
services to the aerospace community. For more information on ATA, visit their
web site at or e-mail

For further information, please contact David Hunt of ATA Engineering,
Inc., +1-858-792-3995.