EVENT: Press is invited to a backgrounder panel discussion on current astrobiology issues.
Press and the public alike are invited to a free debate on the nature of life elsewhere in the universe.
These events are part of the annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the largest general astronomy society in the world.

For details, visit http://www.aspsky.org/meetings.html.


“From Telescopes to Microscopes: Astrobiology Across the Disciplines,”
features leaders in the search for primitive to intelligent life in the

  • Dr. David Morrison, director, Astrobiology and Space Research, NASA
    Ames Research Center.

  • Dr. Chris Chyba, Carl Sagan Chair for the Study of Life in the
    Universe, SETI Institute, research professor, Stanford University.

  • Dr. Peter Ward, professor, geology, University of Washington,
    co-author, “Rare Earth.”

  • Dr. Pamela Conrad, Astrobiology Institute, NASA’s Jet Propulsion

  • Dr. Chas Beichman, chief scientist, NASA’s Origins Program,
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Remarks cover NASA’s astrobiology program, the origin of life and the
expectations for life beyond Earth and observable signatures of
extraterrestrial life, followed by Q&A.


— Dr. Seth Shostak, public outreach scientist, SETI Institute, author,
“Sharing the Universe,”

— Dr. Peter Ward, professor, geology, University of Washington,
co-author, “Rare Earth,” debate the nature of life elsewhere in the
universe, addressing the question of whether technological societies
exist only on Earth, followed by Q&A. This event is free and open to
the public.

For the transcript of a live chat between Drs. Shostak and Ward, who
recently appeared on ABC’s “Nightline,” visit

DAY/TIME: Astrobiology backgrounder panel: Monday, July 17, 9 a.m.
Debate: Sunday, July 16, 7:30 p.m.

PLACE: Pasadena Conference and Exhibition Center, 300 E. Green St.,

TV news vans: Take Green St. to the “Civic Driveway”, a ramp going up
toward the Civic Auditorium. Press the security buzzer at the gate for
entry. Parking on a space-available basis only. Note: No cables allowed
running into the building. No power provided. For questions on
cabling/power issues, call Kiki Gerardo (626) 793-2122 x. 232.
Automobiles: Parking lot entrances are on Euclid and on Marengo off Green
St. $7 per entry.

CONTACTS: John Watson, (650) 604-1857 or Kathy Gronau, (323) 655-5214 for
the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.