The new ASTRIUM organisation to meet the targets set by ASTRIUM’s two shareholders, EADS and BAE SYSTEMS:

– to improve the focus on customer satisfaction through better utilisation and coordination of the human and technical resources available in France, Germany, the UK and Spain, and in particular SKYNET 5, following down-select, to secure the contract and deliver it in an efficient and timely way;

– to restore acceptable levels of operational and financial performance by achieving cost reduction through greater industrial integration and by streamlining functions;

– to secure profitable new business,

is now established and approved. It will take place on the 1st of July.

The new organisation is designed to secure clear accountability to the CEO, Antoine BOUVIER, in four satellite Business Divisions aligned to our customers in addition to the Space Infrastructure Division, linked to EADS-LV through a cooperation agreement. Functional Directors will support them with responsibility for improving efficiency, control and performance across all Business Divisions.


Three “prime” satellite business divisions – Military Communications Systems, telecommunications satellites, Earth observation/Science – correspond to the core business of Astrium. A new business division “Equipment and Subsystems” has been established to provide them with avionics, space equipment, subsystems and services which are competitive, reliable and technologically advanced.

Military Communications Systems

Astrium is system prime contractor to Paradigm Secure Communications, which has been selected as preferred bidder for the Skynet 5 Programme.
The Military Communications Systems BD will be responsible for the delivery of the SKYNET 5 system to the full satisfaction of Paradigm Secure Communications and, in turn, of the UK MoD.
Building upon its current experience in military systems and capitalising on Skynet 5 developments, the BD will develop business opportunities for Military Ground Systems in Europe and across the world.

Chris Chant, the current head of Telecom and Navigation has been instrumental in the selection of Paradigm Secure Communications as preferred bidder by the UK MoD. Chris has expressed his wish to pursue new opportunities outside Astrium. His successor will be announced in the near future.

Earth Observation, Science and Navigation

Astrium has been the Prime Contractor for the majority of the National and European institutional satellite programmes, for the Space Agencies, and for the Defence Ministries. This unparalleled experience represents a true European asset, which will continue to provide space-based solutions to European civil and military customers. The concentration of assets in France, Germany and the UK within this BD will allow Astrium to provide its customers with a wide range of solutions using technologies and processes developed across Europe.

One priority will be to support the development of the Galileo programme and to ensure a significant Astrium contribution to this programme.

The BD will be managed by Evert Dudok.

Telecom Satellites

Astrium has established a reputation for delivery of state of the art, reliable satellites to the leading satellite telecommunications operators all over the world. The first deliveries of the new generation of Eurostar 3000 satellites to commercial customers will start in 2003.

The mission of the Telecom Satellites BD will be to deliver its existing projects to the satisfaction of its commercial and military customers, to expand the base of the current business, and to be a significant and profitable player in the competitive satellite communications market.

This BD will be managed by Jean Michel Aubertin.

Equipment and Subsystems

The substantial technical and industrial resources existing in France, Germany, Spain and the UK will be concentrated within this BD, and will be integrated to ensure maximum cross fertilisation between the various industrial units and optimum use of resources. Special attention will be placed upon ensuring that all past investments made by European and National institutional customers will be carefully used and experienced personnel properly utilised.

The main mission will be to provide three core Astrium BDs with state of the art, competitive and reliable equipment and subsystems.
This BD will be managed by Gerhard Wischmann.

Ø Space Infrastructure

This Business Division, led by Josef KIND, gathers all activities linked to launchers and space infrastructure.

A cooperation agreement, signed with EADS-LV in January this year is being implemented, under the leadership of Josef KIND and Philippe COUILLARD.


The CEO, the Space Infrastructure BD and the four satellite BDs will be supported by the following functional Directorates :

Finance and Control will be managed by Agnès Michel, Astrium CFO

Industry and Technology will be managed by David Friston

Legal and Contracts will be managed by Jo’l Le Breton

Strategy & External Relations will be managed by Jean Maury

Human Resources will be managed by Klaus Hofmann


The Management Board comprises the CEO, Antoine BOUVIER, and the BD Heads and its responsibilities remain unchanged.

The Management Board and the Functional Directors form the Management Committee to advise and support the Management Board in determining the actions necessary to deliver sustainable performance improvement.


The creation of the new BD’s with clear alignment with customers leads to each BD operating in several countries. To ensure that Astrium presents a co-ordinated approach in each country, a member of the Management Board will take responsibility for national leadership. They will represent the company with external stakeholders, principally governments, to ensure that the significance of the Company in each country is recognised and developed.

For more information, please contact :
ASTRIUM (FR) Rémi ROLAND ++33 (0) 34 88 35 78
ASTRIUM (UK) Alistair SCOTT ++44 (0) 1438 773698
ASTRIUM (GER) Mathias PIKELJ ++49 (0) 7545 8 91 23
Mathias SPUDE ++49 (0421)539-5710