A group of scientists launched a new peaceful space nation on the 12th of October, 2016 at a press conference in Paris. Asgardia is the prototype of a free society in space. It aims to launch its first satellite in 2017 and be recognized by the UN.

The official webpage of this trending space nation uses the new domain extension; .SPACE. .SPACE is the definitive web address of the space industry and the global community of space enthusiasts, students, professionals and researchers worldwide.

Space exploration has been growing at an unprecedented rate with SpaceX and Boeing racing to get people to Mars and the Chinese Shenzhou launches. With the possibility of a recognized nation in space, the full impact of this interstellar paradigm shift is not far from hitting the Internet. Asgardia is now accepting applications for its future citizens, and has already crossed over 500,000 registrations since its launch last week.

Here’s what Lena De Winne, Director, Asgardia had to say about the brand and domain extension, “As we move towards a new era of space exploration, we wanted a domain name that would show what we are all about. Asgardia is a philosophical, legal and scientific project, and .SPACE is an ideal home for our website.”

The .SPACE domain extension which is aiming to build a unified brand identity on the Internet for individuals, businesses and organisations related to the global space industry and community has already crossed 230,000 domain registrations and more than 25% of these are already live websites.

At Radix, Viram Lodhia, the Category Manager for .SPACE Domain Names, said, “We stand for innovation, and the courage to explore more. We are super excited that Asgardia chose a very meaningful brand name on a defining extension. We are confident Asgardia will push the boundaries of human possibilities through their endeavor.”

Besides Asgardia, the .SPACE domain extension is actively used by several start-ups and established companies. India-based satellite company, Dhruva.space, Scotland-based aerospace company Clyde.space, an online publication for the space industry – N ow.space, Zero2infinity.space – a space access provider with stratospheric balloons, among others are already using the most fitting domain extension for their brand.

About Radix:

Radix (Radix FZC) is a portfolio registry for new domain extensions and has secured uncontested registry rights to .SPACE, .TECH, .ONLINE, .STORE, .SITE, .PRESS, .HOST and .WEBSITE.

About Asgardia:

Asgardia, the Space Nation, has had over 500,000 applications for citizenship since it was announced on 12 October, 2016. Asgardia will be the first new space nation, bringing together scientists, engineers, and legal practitioners, from around the world to lead a new chapter of space exploration and research. The project was developed by Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, the founding Father of Asgardia. He is a scientist, businessman and innovator who holds a PhD in Engineering with a specialisation in Computer Science. In October of this year, Asgardia announced that it would put its first satellite into space in 2017.

Press Contact:
Lenold Vaz