Deadline for submission of manuscripts: FEBRUARY 15, 2002

Identifying the 3-dimensional distribution and state of subsurface water on
Mars is one of the primary goals of the international Mars Exploration
Program. Its abundance and distribution have important implications for
understanding the geologic, hydrologic, and climatic evolution of the
planet; the potential origin and continued survival of life; and the
accessibility of a critical in situ resource for sustaining future human

In response to the interest in this topic, the conveners of the recent
“Conference on the Geophysical Detection of Subsurface Water on Mars”
( have arranged for a special
section of JGR-Planets to capture the scientific output of the meeting and
to provide an opportunity for other interested researchers (who did not
attend the Conference) to contribute to this discussion. Terrestrial and
planetary scientists, engaged in any relevant theoretical, experimental, or
field investigation of groundwater, permafrost, glaciers, and ice sheets,
are strongly encouraged to submit a manuscript. It is expected that the
papers accepted for publication in this special section will have a very
broad audience and will make a significant contribution to the developing
plans for future Mars missions.

For more information and instructions on manuscript submission, please go