Andrews Space to Assess Commercial Cargo Transportation Service for the International Space Station

Andrews Space, Inc. (Andrews) announced today that NASA has awarded the company an Alternate Access to Station (AAS) contract extension. Under this extension, Andrews will continue work on developing an integrated system solution for delivering supplies to the International Space Station (ISS).

The four-month study examines the mission needs and design requirements for a vehicle capable of providing an alternate means of access to the International Space Station. Andrews will focus on assessing the company’s Commercial Science and Logistics Vehicle (CLV) design against an updated set of NASA mission requirements. The specifications call for 48,700 kg of cargo to be delivered to and 34,800 kg of cargo to be recovered from the orbiting laboratory on an annual basis. The effort builds on previous work submitted to NASA by Andrews.

"In light of the challenges that the nation’s Earth-to-Orbit infrastructure has endured this year, the extension of the Alternate Access to Station effort shows NASA’s commitment to maintaining a fully operational International Space Station," said Jason Andrews, President and Program Manager for the effort.

Andrews was awarded $2.9 million under the same contract in July 2002 to perform the original concept development effort. The contract extension allows Andrews to continue its efforts to provide innovative solutions that support NASA’s goals.

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