The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) recently selected Andrews Space to help develop their Fully-Reusable Access to Space Technologies (FAST) program. The purpose of this effort is to design the program requirements for a series of technology experiments that will enable the development of an Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) capability for the nation. With this significant contract award, Andrews will conduct a three-month study of the options available for experiments in the key technologies for an ORS system.

“Andrews is happy to continue the work started with our Air Force partners during the Hybrid Launch Vehicle Study and Analysis project which ended in November,” stated Mike Wolfert, the Andrews Space Program Manager. “That study set the foundation for identifying the critical technologies that are the essence of the FAST experiments. Andrews looks forward to assisting AFRL with the definition those requirements, as well as helping to design and test the follow on experiments.”

According to Jess Sponable, AFRL Program Manager, “The FAST program is a set of ground experiments that will advance and transition a set of reusable access to space technologies and support the future acquisition of reusable, rocket-powered spacelift systems.”

Marian Joh, CEO, said, “We are pleased that the Air Force has selected Andrews to be a part of this critical program. This effort is well suited to our vehicle design and systems integration skills. Andrews is currently involved in other reusable launch systems including the Ares 1 vehicle with ATK and NASA as well as the Rocketplane Kistler K-1 vehicle for NASA’s CTOS program.”

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