Intelligence analysts, operators and map-makers require the best foundational data and analytics to improve mission planning. As the leading source for high-resolution satellite imagery and geospatial analytics, Maxar offers a spectrum of products and services that quickly meet and exceed your mapping and geospatial intelligence needs over any AOI—with unmatched accuracy, consistency and clarity.

Evolve your mapping and analytic capabilities with Maxar, and discover spatial relationships, patterns and preferences.

Wars, natural disasters and everyday human activity affect the global landscape—as the world changes, maps need to reflect this. Up-to-date maps aren’t luxuries; they’re necessities. Analysts and decision-makers need to visualize what is happening and where, while saving time and resources.

Maxar delivers on our promise of truth and transparency so that our innovative customers can use information and infrastructure to monitor what matters. Our mapping and analytic capabilities leverage AI and advanced machine learning techniques to produce high-quality data that scales. We simplify the complexities of gathering and conflating multisource data, giving our customers a single, accurate view for their world.

Powerful foundational layers with reliable, reusable data provide an accurate base for comparison. Additional services build on this foundation by delivering expert analysis and cutting-edge machine learning to monitor change, rapidly extract features at scale and predict activity.

How accurate are our predictions? Find out by exploring our interactive demo, featuring change and conflict in Tripoli, Libya.

See what’s possible.