PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Effective Feb. 4, all Air Force Space Command Air Stations located in the
United States will be redesignated as “Air Force Stations.

The AFSPC commander authorized the change in December 1999.

Changing the designation to Air Force Stations will allow for clearer identity of the facilities as U.S. Air Force
sites. For example, at a location like Cape Canaveral — where commercial, civil and military space programs exist
side-by-side — identifying the station as an Air Force Station clearly delineates Air Force roles and missions.

Only stateside locations will be affected by this change. They include: Cape Canaveral, Fla.; Cape Cod, Mass.;
Cavalier, N.D.; Cheyenne Mountain, Colo.; Clear, Alaska; New Boston, N.H.; Onizuka, Calif.; El Dorado, Texas; and
Pillar Point, Calif.

Overseas and non-U.S. located facilities will continue to be called Air Stations. They include: North Bay AS,
Canada; Kapaun AS, Germany; and Woomera AS, Australia.