The Aerospace
Industries Association and the National Space Society agreed to
present the next administration a set of issues that concern the U.S.
space industry. AIA hosted a roundtable discussion in celebration of
the first U.N.-designated International Space Week on October 4-10.
The group also agreed that an executive-level space authority should
be appointed to pull together all the resources needed to make
progress on these very important issues.

The space issues identified by the roundtable
discussions were:

Export Control
–Space exports require expedited export licenses for U.S.
allies, streamlining the overall licensing process, and a legislative
solution to the problems that have resulted from transferring
satellite exports to the U.S. munitions list.

Increased federal
research and development funding–
Areas requiring more funding
include basic research in propulsion and materials science, and in
other areas of research that would benefit from a microgravity

Space Launch
Range Modernization–
A paradigm shift in range operations is
needed, addressing the needs of commercial users to a greater degree.
There is also a need for modernizing the technology in use at our
national ranges.

of the International Space Station–
With a view toward its
completion in a few years, a new policy is needed to shift funding
for the International Space Station from the government to private

Bruce Mahone, AIA Director of Space Policy said, "It was
amazing to see how whole-heartedly all the players at our roundtable
agreed on the major issues facing our industry. With such a strong
consensus, we expect to make great strides with the next
administration and the next congress."