Lanham, Maryland a.i. solutions Inc., under contract with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to develop and maintain an interactive Mission Design WEB site for the “Access To Space” (ATS) Group, is proud to announce the unqualified success of this on-line application. Recording over 40,000 hits monthly, the ATS WEB site has experienced robust usage by domestic (government and commercial) and international parties.

The “Access To Space” Group supports the science and technology community by facilitating frequent, affordable opportunities for access to space. In particular provides both the information and the tools necessary to assist mission planners in selecting and planning their ride to space. A key component of the site is the mission opportunities database, where various missions and mission parameters are kept updated by the user community through use of on-line tools. This functionality facilitates partnerships and ride sharing opportunities throughout the space and science communities. Users can also browse through abridged User’s Guides for ELV, RLV and sub-orbital vehicles. The web site will be adding spacecraft bus and shuttle information later this year.

“We‚re thrilled to see the high amount of activity on the ATS WEB site,” comments Bob Sperling, President of a.i. solutions. “We know that the site has proven useful, promoting partnerships and facilitating opportunities in the space community.”

a.i. solutions, in conjunction with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, will be demonstrating the site at the 2000 Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO on April 3-6 and at the 2000 Ride Share Conference at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on April 13-14.

a.i. solutions produces powerful COTS-Plus!· software programs and custom programming supported by superior engineering services for the aerospace industry. Designed to improve operating efficiencies and increase productivity of scientists and engineers, its products and services are making significant contributions to reducing mission costs and minimizing risk.
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