WASHINGTON – The American Geophysical Union supports
efforts by House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert
(R-NY) and his colleagues to increase the budget for the National
Science Foundation by $720 million, or 15 percent, in fiscal year
2003 (beginning October 1, 2002) as part of the longer term goal of
doubling the NSF budget. Earlier this year, AGU endorsed a
statement issued by the Coalition for National Science Funding,
calling for a 15 percent increase in NSF’s budget, as compared with
that of the current fiscal year.

As the population increases, as new technologies require a more
detailed understanding of the environments in which they operate,
as more demands are made upon non-renewable sources, and as
citizens demand better stewardship of the environment, the
national and global demand for geophysical knowledge will
continue to grow. NSF-sponsored research has triggered huge
advances in understanding our planet’s natural processes, which
lead to a sound scientific framework for better decision-making
about our Earth’s natural environment.

AGU is convinced, both by history and by contemporary concerns,
that geophysical research like that supported by NSF contributes
significantly to the welfare of all citizens.

AGU is an international society of 41,000 members active in Earth
and space science research and education.