Agile to consolidate operations in new Colorado plant


SAN FRANCISCO –Agile Space Industries is preparing to consolidate propulsion design, manufacturing and production this summer in a new 1,860-square-meter facility in Durango, Colorado.

“The goal is to move all of our design, manufacturing and production processes under one roof,” Bryce Dabbs, Agile Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Finance, told SpaceNews. “In addition to active lunar lander and other commercial contracts in place today, we’re recognizing increased market demand from new customers and have recently begun receiving recurring engine orders from existing customers.”

Agile is largely vertically integrated.

Agile Space Industries was incorporated in August 2019, after combining Agile Space Propulsion and Advanced Mobile Propulsion Test, a company formed in 2009 to offer testing services for commercial and government customers.

In 2021, Agile acquired Tronix3D, a Pittsburgh-based additive manufacturer, and created an Agile Additive division to reduce propulsion lead time and speed up the design-iteration process.

Controlling the additive manufacturing process helps Agile deliver chemical thrusters and engines in “a timely, accurate fashion,” Dabbs said.

Agile’s production and manufacturing teams are in the process of mapping out the layout of their new Durango factory as they prepare to move in machinery and equipment.

“We are setting up a streamlined workflow from shipping and receiving all the way through to production,” Dabbs said. Then, engines “will be taken down the road to our Agile-owned testing facility. This capability is not so common within the propulsion industry.”