Today AGI announced the
opening of the Center for Space Standards and Innovation (CSSI) in Colorado
Springs, CO, with Dr. T.S. Kelso, Dr. Salvatore Alfano, and David Vallado as
the inaugural team. CSSI’s mission is to become a centralized source of
research, standards, data, and innovative technical solutions for the national
security and space communities.

“Standards for the interoperability of our joint forces and the scientific
community are imperative,” says Paul Graziani, AGI’s president and CEO. “We
now have the opportunity to serve as a catalyst for technological innovation
through the gathering and sharing of standards that will be accessible to all
industry professionals.”

Alfano, Kelso and Vallado are renowned astrodynamic experts in areas such
as space operations, space control, and space exploration. Their combined 75
years of experience, backed by AGI’s aerospace experts, will enable CSSI to
become a “one-stop shop” for the enhanced efficiency of all aerospace
researchers. The CSSI team will promote space-related best practices through
data, tools, and consultation in areas such as: high-precision operations;
space asset protection strategy; autonomous operations; space mission design
and analysis; advanced navigation applications; conjunction and launch-window
analysis techniques; and optimal orbit determination. For more information
about the new center, visit

About the CSSI Team

Dr. Salvatore Alfano has been a major contributor to the space operations
community for more than 20 years at both the policy and technical development
levels. Alfano retired as a Colonel from the U.S. Air Force after 25 years,
having last served at NORAD and U.S. Space Command. Alfano is most recognized
for pioneering work in kinetic energy guidance, satellite visibility, high-
accuracy orbit determination, continuous-thrust orbit transfers, and collision
probability. Dr. T.S. Kelso completed his 28-year U.S. Air Force career
serving as a Colonel and the first Director of the Air Force Space Command
Space Analysis Center (ASAC). He brings to the CSSI group nearly 30 years’
experience in space education, research, analysis, acquisition, development,
operations, and consulting. Dr. Kelso has supported the space surveillance
community since 1985 by operating electronic data dissemination systems to
provide the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) two-line orbital
element sets, associated orbital models, documentation, software, and
educational materials to users around the world. Lt. Col. David Vallado
retired in 2000 from the U.S. Air Force where he last served at U.S. Space
Command. He has obtained more than 20 years’ experience in technical and
operational aspects of orbital mechanics and space surveillance. He has
authored several major publications such as Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and
Applications, Systems Engineering Design, and Methods of Astrodynamics-A
Computer Approach.

About AGI

Malvern, PA-based AGI provides commercial off-the-shelf analysis and
visualization software to more than 30,000 aerospace, defense, and
intelligence professionals through its core product STK® and a series of
specialized STK add-on modules. Basic STK applications include calculating
and visualizing a vehicle’s position and attitude, determining acquisition
times, and analyzing its field of view. STK Standard can be augmented with
modules that support specialized analyses including collision avoidance,
coverage assessment, maneuver planning, orbit determination, real-time
visualization, communication link analysis, and missile defense systems. For
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