NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe today
selected William F. Readdy as the agency’s next Associate
Administrator for Space Flight at NASA Headquarters in Washington.
Readdy, a veteran Space Shuttle commander and Navy test pilot,
replaces Frederick D. Gregory, who was confirmed by the U.S. Senate
Aug. 1 as NASA’s Deputy Administrator.

Readdy will assume his new duties after
Gregory takes the oath of office and will be in charge of NASA’s
human exploration and development of space. Since July 1998, he has
served as space flight’s Deputy Associate Administrator overseeing
NASA’s Marshall, Kennedy, Stennis and Johnson Space Centers. He also
managed top-level policy planning and management of the Space
Shuttle, International Space Station, Space Communications and Space
Launch Vehicles programs.

"Bill is a distinguished astronaut,
naval aviator and leader.  He’s played an important role in
NASA’s safe and successful human space flight operations," said
Administrator O’Keefe in making the announcement. "He was the
first manager of Space Shuttle Program Development charged with
upgrading the Space Shuttle fleet.  His experience with
next-generation technology will be vital UMdEhe agency looks toward
the future of human space exploration and reusable space launch

A veteran of three space flights, STS-42
in 1992, STS-51 in 1993, and STS-79 in 1996, Readdy has logged more
than 672 hours in space. During STS-79, Readdy was Commander of
Atlantis as it docked with the Russian space station Mir.

He joined NASA’s Johnson Space Center in
Houston in 1986 as a research pilot and instructor at Ellington
Field.   Readdy was selected as an astronaut in 1987 and
has served in a variety of NASA technical and management positions at
JSC and headquarters.

"Bill and I have worked very closely
and effectively together for many years, as both astronauts and
managers.  We share a passion for flight safety and the
advancement of human space flight," added Gregory. "This is
a challenging time for NASA, but Bill is no stranger to
challenges.   I know he’s up to the task. I’m excited for
Bill and the future of this

A retired Naval Reserve captain, Readdy
was a 1974 Naval Academy graduate. Following fleet training in the
A-6 "Intruder," he joined Attack Squadron 85 aboard the USS
Forrestal deployed to the North Atlantic and Mediterranean from 1976
to 1980. He’s a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot
School and served as project test pilot and instructor on a variety
of programs.  Readdy also served on board the USS Coral Sea
before joining NASA.  He logged 7,000 flying hours in more than
60 types of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, and has more than 550
carrier landings.

His honors include the Legion of Merit,
the Distinguished Flying Cross, the NASA Space Flight Safety Award,
the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, two NASA Outstanding Leadership
Medals, two NASA Exceptional Service Medals, three NASA Space Flight
Medals, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal,
the Navy and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals, and various unit and
service group awards.

Additional information about Readdy is
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