Leading managed application hosting provider NaviSite, Inc. today announced it will broadcast a part of space history on the Internet when it streams footage of the 140-ton Mir space station burning up in an extraordinary celestial display upon its fiery reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. As the exclusive
streaming provider for the event, NaviSite will provide MirReentry.com
with its streamOS(TM) performance management and content distribution
capabilities. The technology will deliver first-hand views of the
event – expected to be the largest celestial event since the Tunguska
meteorite struck the Earth in Siberia in 1908 – to visitors via
www.MirReentry.com. The reentry is expected to occur on or around
March 20.

The MIR Reentry Observation Expedition plane, carrying film
production crews and acquisition technology from HD3, will fly
approximately 200 miles from the projected track of reentry to capture
the event. The 140-ton Mir is one of the world’s first orbiting space
stations, and the last symbol of the Soviet presence in space. When it
reaches the Earth’s atmosphere, somewhere over the South Pacific, it
is expected that up to 100 tons of the space station will burn up,
while the remaining 40 tons continues to break up and hit the ocean at
near sonic speed. Using streamOS(TM), MirReentry.com will stream the
footage on the official Mir reentry Web site, allowing visitors
worldwide to watch the reentry on demand.

“We chose to work with NaviSite because this is a once in a
lifetime event and we wanted the best streaming technology available
so we could deliver high quality footage to anyone who wants to view
it,” said Robert Belzer, co-owner and chief technical officer at
MirReentry.com. “streamOS(TM) will provide us with the capabilities we
need to bring this spectacular display to a worldwide audience.”

NaviSite’s streamOS(TM) is a scalable, cost-effective platform for
high-performance streaming content management and delivery, enabling
customers to use drag-and-drop functionality to deploy, organize and
manage streaming content on their Web sites via a browser-based
interface. streamOS(TM) employs a utility service approach which
allows customers to leverage the high-performance streaming
infrastructure provided by streamOS(TM) Content Distribution Networks
(CDNs) as they need it. streamOS(TM) speeds the deployment of
streaming content and events, and makes streaming more cost effective
and flexible by allowing customers to pay on a usage basis with
instant resource provisioning. Through its partnerships with CDNs,
NaviSite provides a strong international and domestic network for
delivering high quality, high bit rate content. streamOS(TM) also
enables customers to track and report on the performance of streaming
broadcasts to ensure high availability.

Mir celebrated its 15th birthday in February, surviving well
beyond its original anticipated five-year life span. The reentry will
be marked by the breaking apart of the Mir into hundreds, even
thousands of pieces, the rupture of the major pressurized modules, and
the streaming trails of incandescent debris as it passes through the
Earth’s atmosphere.

“It is a great opportunity to be part of the Mir reentry event,
and one that we are looking forward to immensely,” said Joel Rosen,
president and CEO of NaviSite. “streamOS(TM) provides superior
streaming services that an event of this magnitude demands, ensuring
performance, reliability, scalability and ease of management.”

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