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XCOR Pursues Dream a Step at a Time


...provide the Air Force with a flying test bed to appraise factors that drive operational responsiveness, the XCOR press release stated. Race track in the sky XCOR is also busy...

XCOR Co-Founders Establish New Company
XCOR running out of time to find investor
XCOR Aerospace files for bankruptcy
XCOR lays off employees to focus on engine development

ULA and XCOR Join Forces on Upper-Stage Engine Project


...ahead.” Although XCOR has tested a number of engines on suborbital flights the company has yet to fly anything in the vacuum of space, a challenge Greason said XCOR is...

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Tiny XCOR Nabs Big Role in Developing Future CEV Engine


  Space News Business Tiny XCOR Nabs Big Role in Developing Future CEV Engine By BRIAN BERGER Space News Staff Writer posted: 12 June 2006 11:55 am ET Tiny XCOR Aerospace...

Khaki Mckee, Program Manager, XCOR Aerospace Inc.
XCOR Aerospace To Build, Fly Suborbital Ships in Florida
XCOR Picks Texas for New Research and Development Site

XCOR Unveils Plan For New Suborbital Rocket Plane

by XCOR Aerospace to thrust the roughly 30-person entrepreneurial firm into the burgeoning space tourism market, said Jeff Greason, XCOR’s chief executive officer. “When I look back at what the...

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XCOR Aerospace Makes Plans for Reusable Orbital Vehicle
XCOR Aerospace lays off remaining employees
XCOR Aerospace Co-Founders Leave the Company

XCOR, ULA Mark Milestone with Hydrogen Pump Test


...and pressure conditions,” XCOR Chief Executive Jeff Greason said in a Sept. 23 press release. XCOR has now racked up about 21 hours of testing on the pump, Andrew Nelson,...

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XCOR Taps ATK Aerospace for Wings and Control Surfaces


XCOR Aerospace of Mojave, Calif., awarded a two-phase contract to ATK Aerospace, under which the Luka, Miss., ATK subsidiary will design and manufacture wings and control surfaces for XCOR’s Lynx...

Commercial ATK

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