Initial Membership Drive Set to Attract “Space 2.0” Businesses

The 8th Continent Project has launched the world’s first Chamber of Commerce dedicated to the global commercialization of aerospace technology.

“The 8th Continent Chamber of Commerce is the first entrepreneurial support organization to represent the emerging market for ‘Space 2.0’ companies – venture-backed new businesses that apply technologies developed by NASA and the Department of Defense to wide-ranging commercial markets,” said 8th Continent Project Director Burke Fort. “From energy to healthcare and from manufacturing to retail, and just about everything in between, aerospace technology is flowing quickly into our daily lives.”

While adapting best practices from traditional city and regional chamber of commerce models, the 8C Chamber’s activities will cross international boundaries, multiple markets, companies and individuals with benefits including:

  • Networks linking technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, professional service providers, and government leaders
  • “Labor capital” peer-to-peer connections, mentoring, training and active social calendars
  • Focused Space 2.0 market intelligence and trend analysis
  • 8th Continent Blog ( and social media assets
  • 8th Continent Career Center, powered by Affiniscape
  • University talent through an internship program, a global business plan competition, a campus network, and training for the future Space 2.0 technology workforce

With the opening of the Chamber itself, the 8th Continent Project’s initial Founding Membership drive offers the first three months free for individuals and companies who are involved in the process of commercializing space-derived technologies. After the initial period, annual membership dues will be $20 for students, $250 for individuals, and $350 plus $25 per employee for companies (please visit for details).

About the 8th Continent Project

Based in Golden, the Colorado School of Mines’ 8th Continent Project is the world’s most comprehensive effort to integrate space technology and resources into the global economy. 8th Continent provides the infrastructure and resources to solve a wide range of challenges from global warming to renewable energy development. Located in the home of the most concentrated entrepreneurial, investor and aerospace talent in the world, 8th Continent brings space down to earth with the industry’s first trade association, incubator, funding network and research hub, all working together to develop the next generation of space business ventures. More information can be found at