Supermodel Has Photoshoot on Zero-G Flight


WASHINGTON — ­­Supermodel Kate Upton was the subject of a microgravity photoshoot aboard Zero-G Corp.’s G-FORCE ONE jet, a modified Boeing-727 on which NASA sometimes buys flights for science and technology experiments as part of the agency’s Flight Opportunities Program.

Upton’s photoshoot, for the just-published Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, took place on a March 18, 2013, flight from the Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, Fla. It was one of Arlington, Va.-based Zero-G’s commercial flights, and not a NASA charter. 

During Upton’s flight, the Zero-G aircraft flew 17 parabolas, each of which provides a brief period of microgravity on the downward arc, the company announced in a Feb. 18 press release. On 13 of these, passengers experienced microgravity conditions and floated about the cabin weightless. The remaining four parabolas simulated lunar gravity. 

Sports Illustrated posted photos and videos of the photoshoot at

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