WASHINGTON — Even though their annual conference is nearly two weeks away, the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) sent out an email Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 1) to announce that the show will go on regardless of whether the U.S. government remains shut down over the current budget impasse.

“The GEOINT 2013 Symposium is 12 days away, and Congress could come to some resolution over the next two weeks. Historically, and in light of other pressures, this seems relatively likely. Regardless, USGIF will host the Symposium as scheduled,” USGIF Chief Executive Officer Keith J. Masback wrote. “We remain confident that there will be significant value for attendees and exhibitors alike in spite of the government shutdown.”

Masback said that USGIF “will continue to plan for alternative programming for the event should the shutdown extend through the Symposium, limiting the ability of some of our government speakers to attend.

Among the U.S.  government officials headlining the Tampa, Fla., conference are National Reconnaissance Office Director Betty Sapp and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Letitia Long. 

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