Who: Members of the space science and exploration community.

Where: Vancouver, BC, Canada

When: August 6 and August 7, 2005.

Call for Papers

The Association of Mars Explorers is sponsoring a workshop to define a
500-day Design Reference Surface Expedition Campaign for a Human Base
constructed at Meridiani Planum in the year 2019. This is the first call
for papers for the presentation sessions of the workshop.

This workshop is carefully structured so that the outputs from the
presentation sessions are used as inputs for the discussion sessions. To
facilitate discussion, there are two sets of submission deadlines.
Presentation Session papers (extended abstracts) will be due March 31st.
The chairs of the Presentation Sessions will produce a synthesis paper
distilling the ideas of all accepted abstracts, and then make the
collection of accepted abstracts and the synthesis paper available as
background material for the basis of Discussion Session papers, due May
31st. Discussion Session papers will be discussed during the workshop to
provide the basis for the Design Reference Surface Expedition Campaign.
The Meridiani Expedition will then be published in a volume along with
select extended abstracts and synthesis papers.

Presentation Sessions:

  • Field Science for Meridiani and Surrounds
  • Expedition Mobility: Exploration Technology and Tactics
  • Human Factors and Mobile Communications
  • Mars Analogs on the Earth and the Moon
  • Exploration Ethics and Planetary Protection

Discussion Sessions:

  • Field Science Instruments and Operations
  • Expedition Scheduling
  • Crew Size, Performance and Skills Complement
  • Meridiani Analogs and Simulations
  • Risk Mitigation for Planetary Protection and Crew Safety

Program Committee:

  • Penny Boston, New Mexico Tech
  • Bill Clancey, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Charles Cockell, Open University
  • Graham Mann, Murdoch University
  • Rocky Persaud, University of Toronto (Program Chair)
  • Andrew Schuerger, University of Florida
  • John Spray, University of New Brunswick
  • James Rice, Arizona State University

Workshop Hosts:

  • The Association of Mars Explorers
  • The Mars Society of Canada
  • The Canadian Alumni of the International Space University

For more information on the workshop, submission guidelines and to
register, visit the MEP2005 website: