By Loretta Y. Hidalgo


We are very pleased to announce that the 7th CONTINENT will be joining us for this years Yuri’s Night for the 3rd time! (Thank you NA, SA, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia for getting us off to such a great start!)

Yuki Takashi, who has been a part of Yuri’s Night since the first LA party in 2001 (we have pictures to prove it), spent two months in Antarctica this (southern) summer working on a special telescope project that he helped build! One of his teammates is still there wintering over through the long dark Antarctic winter and will be hosting the Yuri’s Night event at the South Pole Station!

We will be adding information about how to chat with them or view messages or images from them over the next few days! Please note that they operate in the New Zealand Time Zone…

Welcome South Pole Station!!!