It’s an exciting time for space exploration: SpaceX is launching the first low-cost rockets, Virgin Galactic is unveiling SpaceShipTwo next week, and Bigelow Aerospace is building private habitats in orbit. These forward-thinking companies—and dozens of others just like them—are all within a day’s drive of San Diego. Which is why the San Diego Space Society is today announcing SpaceUp, the world’s first space exploration unconference, to be held in late February/early March, 2010. More information is available at

“The tech unconferences I’ve been part of are downright electrifying. It’s high time we start one for the space community,” says Chris Radcliff, San Diego Space Society board member and SpaceUp unconference chairman. “There’s so much excitement about this idea already, we want to let people participate even before we have a definite date.”

The unconference format, which has been popularized in the tech community via such events as BarCamp and FooCamp, offers a unique forum where the participants decide the topics, the schedule, even the structure of the event. Everyone who attends the unconference is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel or start a discussion. SpaceUp applies this non-profit model to the space industry for the first time.

Both industry professionals and ardent outer-space enthusiasts are invited to participate, with attendance capped at 200 people to ensure meaningful interaction among all participants. Registration details for the unconference are still being set, but individuals can indicate their interest and reserve a spot via

Further information on SpaceUp is available at, via the SpaceUp Twitter feed, or on the SpaceUp Facebook page.